At the heart of KMA & Associates are our people. Our experienced team adheres to the following set of guidelines: we do what we say we’re going to do, operate with integrity, and work with urgency and accuracy in all things that we do. The KMA team will help clients sort through the options and curate the best selections to address their project needs. The success of our team is the result of your achievement. With that in mind, we strive to work with you by providing a dependable, knowledgeable, reliable team that you can count on.

Todd Irwin

Todd purchased KMA in 2019 after being a client for over two decades. He began his commercial furniture career in 1993 and has worked in a variety of roles, including operations, client service, sales and sales leadership. Todd served 13 years in the US Army Reserve and PA National Guard and has coached youth soccer since 2003.

Christine Irwin

Christine is a 1992 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh.  She worked for the federal government for 14 years and subsequently became a committed volunteer for various organizations in her community while raising three children.  Christine started with KMA in January 2022. 

Alicia Condie

Alicia joined KMA in 2006 and is our primary A&D rep, where she spends most of her days working with some of the industry’s most talented interior designers and architects. She obtained an interior design degree from La Roche University. Alicia was born and raised in Pittsburgh and is married with two children. She loves traveling, crafting, family movie nights and the show Friends.

Jason Fedorek

Jason joined KMA in 2017 where he applies his knowledge from over 25 years in the industry. He obtained an interior design degree from La Roche University. His passion for the outdoors means he is ready to assist with outdoor projects through Landscape Forms. Jason is married with two children and enjoys basketball, golf and lacrosse and building anything, from projects around the house to scenery for the high school drama club.

Michelle Silvestre

Michelle joined KMA in 2023 after many years in design & sales on the dealership side in the PA marketplace.  She obtained her Interior Design Degree from the University of Dayton, where her passion for furniture began.  Michelle is a Pittsburgh native, married with two wonderful children.  She enjoys hiking, baking, baseball, traveling & keeping busy with family and friends.

Susan Cardone

Susan joined KMA in 1993. She oversees the KMA library to ensure the availability of product materials and supports KMA’s customers by responding to and fulfilling their product material requests. Susan enjoys traveling, being active and spending time with her family, but her favorite thing to do is find new ways to spoil her granddaughter.

Dena Knox

Dena joined KMA in 2000 and currently serves as a CET specialist. She obtained an interior design degree from La Roche University.  Dena enjoys crafting, knitting, and all things Disney.

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